3000 Miles Wasn't Enough


A military vet you were I hear
with a mother in the garden
a father swinging in dead air
no mystery why they found you swirling in rags and sharp metal
but it's the spawn of two mothers that truly blew the kettle
one spending time but was that really such a good thing
the other without contact 
you didn't even retract
you couldn't you were never there
no face no voice no help no care
I never got to meet you, even stare at you from afar
the absence is still lonely without you under the same stars
you stole all those opportunities away from you and I
I despised you 
but I didn't want you to die
Was 3000 miles not enough?
Was the thought of a bastard that abhorrent 
Most turn gray as they pass through the veil
but not you, that was long fixed by a needle trail
I write to a grave in the hopes that you'll hear
these words that screamed and streamed in the shapes of tears



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