30 Things You’ve Probably Heard Someone With Anxiety Say: An Autobiographical Poem As Read by Its Author

30 things said by someone with an anxiety disorder an autobiography nervously read by it's author

1. But Web MD said

2. Is this mole getting bigger

3. Siri what are the symptoms of brain cancer

4. Siri what are the symptoms of Lepercy

5. Siri what are the symptoms of Gohenria, herpes, chylamdia, and aids

6. Yes we only had sex once and we used a condom but I'm still worried

7. Thank god I can't get pregnant

8. Do they hate me I think they hate I'm going home.

9. But really like what do they say about me

10. Does he look like he has any disease

11. Siri how much can I drink before I get alcohol poisoning

12. Siri what are the symptoms of alcohol poisoning

13. Siri how much alcohol is 3 shots of vodka

14. That's it I'm changing everything I'm going to be a new person and everyone is going to love the new me

15. I think everyone hates me

16. No you ask them they like you more

17. Buy this for me the cashier seems mean

18. I haven't slept in 2 days

19. I can't go to the doctor because what if they tell me I'm dying

20. If you tell me im irrational one more time I will cut your balls off 21. When I was 5 I didn't sleep well because my when mother would lay me down for bed and pray with me and at the end we would say "and if I die before I wake I pray the Lord my soul to take" and I thought that 5 year olds dying in their sleep was normal and so I tried my hardest to stay awake

22. I'm fine just don't touch me

23. I can't. I just can't.

24. I slept for 18 hours straight because it was the only thing that would calm me down

25. I shouldn't even write this poem

26. Everyone's is going to hate it

27. What if they laugh

28. I can't do this anymore

29. I think I'm dying

30. I know I am.


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