30 Days

To Those Who Gave Up on Me: 

Sometimes I feel like I'm too young to be over these boys already.

Honestly I haven't been in a relationship yet

At least not by my terms.

It's hard to get past the talking stage because these boys forget to actually talk to you.

All of a sudden their phone is broken, they need some time to time to themselves,

Sometimes you never find out the answer.

You think that by making them work for your attention that they would understand the value of

Hard work and appreciate the prize that comes with it.

The same excitement that they have for 2k is just not the same as when they get a text from you.

They'll sweet talk their way into your life and then melt gracefully away, leaving a bitter taste in your mouth every time you mention their name.

But what are you mad for?

Do you know his last name? What's did he want to be when he was little?

                     Have you met his mom yet?

Do you know who you are? Seriously, do you know who you are?

Just because he used you as temporary entertainment doesn't mean that you're a one hit wonder.

Just because he made you feel special for a couple weeks doesn't mean that you aren't.

Think about how you enticed him with conversation rather than how soft your skin is.

Or maybe it was both. You just leave an impression that way.

So let him forget your number, but he won't forget your name.

So those who come trying to shoot their shot next,

If one day you wake up and decide you want to disappear for a while,

It's okay because I won't go ghost hunting.

Because I realized that my presence is a present and it’s a shame

That you thought a 30 day free trial was enough to experience it.




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