3 Ringed Brain Circus





She wanted it

It's what I wanted too

The thing we wanted


I'm sure for a while she was going

To show my walls had come down

Together. Could it be?


To move on

But I was hoping you'd notice my

Both of us covered in


Pink blood

Pink blood was dripping all over

Pink blood


Was it actually a sign

She wanted to move on

It has been infected by


Was it possible? That it's


An overabundance of 


The heart wanting what it wants

It's my fault after all

Secrets and bleach


A desire for that pre-k love affair

Alchemy always was a dangerous game

Not to mentioned boiled


With a scab

And I played it well

Creating the ultimate love potion


Could it be true


Death potions are just as easy


Yet when I wanted you to notice my

After all we both saw eachother

To brew, as love potions of 



In Pink



You walked by

Or perhaps all this time

Her heart is elsewhere


I'm sure he is nice

I'm sure she is nice

I'm sure he is nice.


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