3 Months Apart

Half naked pictures, 200 likes

Taking selfies with your son

Statuses speaking of you "getting fucked up for the night"

And your life has only just begun

You're a slut in everyone's eyes

They don't understand you

Your mystery baby daddy is in jail

I'm your cousin I love you

Hypocritical family says you'll rot in hell

We're 3 months apart

Partners in crime from the start

Both bastards

We were scarred by the same man

It's ok, they just don't understand

It's not your fault Kiar-

 - I'm pregnant Bree

Is all you said to me

I shed tears for days

Life lost in haze

-I don't know what to do

  How to fix this

  I can usually fix everything

  I can't...

It's been a year and it's you I hate

You're a drop out, a teen mother

It's too late.

I can't change this

They don't understand

But I do

And for that, I will always love you

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