3 Angles of Love

What is love?

What is trust?

What is pain? 

What if love is trust, and trust is pain. 


In order to love , you have to trust.  

Trust that it is love and not lust.

Trust that the amount of love is the same,

that is one topic that will drive you insane.

Trust them with your heart.

Trust that they'll pull you together not tear you apart. 

Giving them all the power to hurt you but trusting that they won't. 

Giving them all the power to break you but trusting that they don't. 


What if love is pain? 

and in order to truly understand you'll have to get your heart broken over and over again. 

The pain you feel when you have to let go because the love is so strong that you want to see them grow.

The pain you get when you realize their not the one but that's so hard to do especially when you're young. 

The pain you feel when you love someone more than you love yourself. 

When you decide to put together their pieces when you're broken as well.


Love is feeling the pain of getting your heart broken again but trusting that the next person won't hurt you the same. 


Love , Trust, Pain

It's all about what's on your heart, not what's on your brain 

because your brain will tell you that you've had enough but your heart will give you ten more reasons not to give up.

Love, trust, and pain are like the angels in an isoceles triangle.

Where you have to know the measure of Trust or Pain in order to get the Love angle.  

Just like math, love is not easy, but when you get the right answer all the hard work will be worth it, believe me.


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