3 A.M Demons

3am demons
Its 3 am and the demons in my head cant wait to put me to sleep,
Soothe me into a peaceful state,
Where everything feels so real,
Only to be suddenly awaken from my slumber,
To wake up in a state of confusion and fear,
To be so terrified i don't dare drift back to sleep ,
For i fear the dream will continue where i left it,
Sometimes the demons in my head allow me to remember everything,
Other times they allow me to remember nothing,
This time i remember pieces but not enough to recall my state of fear and panic,
The demons inside my head only allow me access to what they wish for me to see,
They reveal nothing to me unless it suits them,
Allowing them to taunt me with things and details they hide from me
If only i could take away there power over me,
Then i would be free from the fear that awaits me in my slumber


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