One heart silenced by the oppressive veil of of the afterlife

A silence brought upon without warning

And in this silence, a new life has been lost

The mother is stricken

To know something not apart of you has been abducted from the living

Time lengthens its grasp and memories are forgotten

The world has once again become beautiful

With its abundant majesty, another seeks to revel

And again, their pleas are silenced by the obsidian hand

The engine of life has faultered once more

Hath not this been the action of a malevolent power?

Hath that which we have worshipped foresaken us?

Even within the intangible void, we are assaulted by silence

A silence that bends all of reality to a will of imposition

The virus has yet to surface even with all our ills

Curses ring out in desperate penetration 

Does thou still praise?

I leave thou unanswered

For nothing has elated this world

Just as others deign to violence, the silence is respected

The blood is shed

The bones are broken

And the lives are confiscated

Relinquish thy qualms of this place

For a genesis has surfaced once more

Oh joyous celebration shall ensue thee

Even in loudest cheer

The silence descends once more

Anew this vicious cycle returns

Absent of hope

Abesnt of light

Absent of life



This poem is dedicated to the three still-births my family and I had to endure. But nothing could compare to my mother's grief

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