24 Hours Gone

It's the end of a day

24 hours all gone 

and wasted

what have I done?

what have I done?

I'm not enough

I waste another day

how can I keep living like this?

everything to waste

get up, get an education, get to work

24 hours all gone

who's to say this is how I want to live

When all I ever do is give

Give my life to those I love

Give my life, as a slave, to those I hate

bounded by my wrists and ankles 

What have WE done?

What have WE done?

24 hours gone

stared down at by all people

living in a world of greed

where there is no heed

hands tied behind your back 

pushed around like a pawn

played like a game 

who's to say this is how we want to live

When all we ever do is give

Give our life to those we love

Give our life, as slaves, to those we hate

bounded by our wrists and ankles

24 hours gone

What have YOU done?

What have YOU done?


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