(2/3) The Escape

this is the last show

to feed on Desperation

and not know

the side of Liberation.


"Save me from this Crow!"

is cried in Devastation


pouring Blood from

the clouds above:


One bloom of White

holding 13 petals,

bulging from the sides

with sharp metals.


though dark and glum

One vine holds this rose.


Hoping for an angel

i drown in Blood

i am strangled

underneath this flood.


He reaps the flower,

now Red with passion

i bleed with power

caused by depression


i finally succumb

to the Crows.


Failure, my only foe.

i build Hope

and Let It All Go

This poem is about: 



To all of my fellow readers:


This poem is 2 of 3. I wrote them at the same time, but was not ready to post all of them.  The next one is called "Let It All Go" and the first one is called "STARING".


They make sense on their own, but they tell most of my story during high school when read in order.




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