The 21st Century Teacher


I walk into class expecting to learn,

but teachers now adays care more about their earn.

Greeted by an unwelcoming stare,

there must be something in my teeth,

or maybe something in my hair?

I ignore the interaction as I take my seat,

maybe they're having a tough day?

Just like me.

Getting up from their lux seat to teach us a lesson,

and by lesson I mean a hand-out.

Because an actual lesson would be a blessing.

Back to your leather seat you walk,

as I sit on my cold-plastic-chair distraught.

"What do I do with this worksheet?",

I'm too afraid to ask.

Because everytime I raise my hand,

you make me feel like such a burden,

a pain in the ass.

What happened to the teachers that were oh so warm and prudent?

These cold teachers of today show no care for their students!

So I just slouch on my desk, wishing I wasn't in class.

I stare at the clock, hoping for time to pass.

The bell finally rings as I rise from my desk,

"cant wait to repeat this next period........"

I say with such zest.



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