21st century poem


United States

We all diamonds shining under the tunnel of reality
We all have hopes fading in the lines of deception
We dream, and sleep upon our own imagination
Emerge our patient far beyond the barriers of our own desires.
We’ve fought internal wars where the devil is the enemy
And his soldiers are the empathy and the fallacy within one’s ability to make progress
We build, we destroy, give birth and share dreams with the least of hands touching the Blissful parameters of lust.
We see peacefully, staring at the corners of captivated sockets that deludes the way of seeing life as a infinite challenge, From the first sound of the heart beat within the womb,
To the destined punishment within the tomb.

We burn bridges and build fences higher than skyscrapers,
While it supposed to be the other way around,
Illusive depiction of constructive criticism.
We ponder around limited steps and live hopes silently kept in our minds
We taste the test of life and tap the files behind the cupboards of our insecurities.
We study; we work, and light up fireworks to calm the sadness of this world,
Learning is part of our journey, with foot prints as the lesson that curves our experience over the
Twist and turns of unforgettable memories

We are the leaders of our floors, under the grounds of uncertain privileges that destines our tears to be the rainfall that leads to blissful rainbows,
As writers we express, as managers we lead, as teachers we teach
As singers we sing, as swimmers we swim for gold medals and as the respect from the heart of those we share our hopes for glory with,
We are the prisoners, the correctional services, lawyers, judges with badges of civil laws to fight wars for peace, and find doors of risk on white walls of bliss, but despite all we see, the beauty of life to break codes as we exist,
In numbers of cultures, races, on faces of existence.

It’s amazing how we’ve gone so far, eating natural disasters after Mother Nature Cooked us a storm,
Not much has made us grateful because we constantly have an edge to want more.
We wished we could see beyond what we can comprehend,
How time clocks to watch the rotation of the solar system,
How the ocean has barriers, and crops circles are the celestial phenomenal on earth’s grounds,
How the stars refuse to come closer than the sky and sun’s ability to fly higher than the clouds,
The shames of poverty and the greed of wealth,
We live, we think, we breathe, we feel the edge to heal the sick.

We separate ourselves with cultures and traditions, races and classes
We are humans.
We are the 21 century elevation and segregation from the spiritual world that left wonders,In our world

We are……. the diamonds, shinning under the tunnel of reality,
Forever we speak footsteps that will answer the questions will face on judgment day,
We are the created beauties of nature, the heart of existence, the mind of the system,
The price of mystics, the rise of them fingers on the arms of forgiveness.

But at the end of it all

We are Humans

We’ve unfold the untold stories,
We’ve found the path to the unknown victory
We wrote books, read poetry and waved our banners of knowledge to the corners of this earth,
We are dumb,.we are smart, stupid and bright through trials and errors.

We sign the sides of what we desire, ambitious we require the fires to burn and melt the ice in our fears,
We’ve build rockets and experienced the vacuum space of this universe,
We are not machines, we make machines
Till machines make the best for us in this life we live,
But till then, we still as beautiful as pearls
Rooted as trees, and changing as seasons

We….. are…… humans of this age


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