21st Century Athena

Fri, 09/20/2019 - 21:48 -- Syd33

Goddess of the war

The war storming in her head,

she of strong will and knowledge

Walking the halls striding closer, Ever closer 

To the justice she felt she deserved

To her father a headache

Yet ever the favorite so it seemed

And to her mother to whom there was none 

She would always fight until her battles were won

Nothing holding her back

Her pen as a sword

She’ll write while her mind swirls aimlessly around

As her stress builds up she looks to the crowd

The stress of institution and reputation weighing her down

She’ll hold everyone up till’ she breaks down

Yet not even tears form in her grey eyes

She is ever fearless

Both feet on the ground 

Her mind is her enemy 

But the thing she trusts most


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