The 21st century

                              WELCOME TO THE 21ST CENTURY

                   Where it seems to be that all we need is technolgy

                                 but let me tell you something 

                                   all we really need is our family. 

                           Through thick and thin they'll be there

                                good times and bads they'll be there 

                   last time i checked the people on twitter don't really care

                                       My family gives me life

                                     they are always by my side

                                  they are all i need and all i want

            becasue at the end of the day my iphone can't even cheer me up

        the love and support i recieve from them is something i can't live without

                   but its sad to say that many teens just don't give a damn 

                 All they seem to care about is their follwers on instagram

                            they let strangers  slide up in their dm's 

                     but get mad when their parents ask how their day went. 

                               its the little thing that matter to me 

                       like always having my family surrounding me 

                   without my family i wouldn't be where i am now

                                     all grown up and proud 

               from when i was little i was taught my life necessities

                 but in reality all i needed was my family next to me. 

                                So welcome to the 21st century 

                 where it seems that technology is reigning over me

                but something i can live without is snapchat account 

          because i'd rather see my loved ones for more than ten seconds 

               than see them at the grave and regret our last conversation

                    so go ahead and ask me what i cant live without 

                 and i'll tell its the people that never gave me a doubt. 




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My family
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