The 21st Century


This poem is titled the 21st century. 
DAAAAAAAMN girl. You are fiiiiiiiiiine. 
According to your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, tumblr, and you are an angel sent directly from gods perfect everlasting morning piss!
I looked for you on myspace but really who in the hell is on myspace anymore am I right?
Apparently you like rock music, you have three siblings,  you like taking pictures of the sunset, have faith in jesus, and you got a damn puppy!
You know I have about 1/5th of those things in common with you and according to all of your perfectly cropped and filtered selfies you've taken I believe we could make one hell of a couple.
I mean, I understand that I only get an average of 43.85 likes per picture I post whereas you receive nearly a hundred. 
But shit if you look at it this way our combined postings would have the like button clicked nearly 150 times per selfie.
But really though.. I followed every one of your profiles and you still haven't gotten back to me yet?
Judging from your previous post of you in Florida I understand that you must be busy. 
And your caption on the photo was great... I loved when you said
Quote "only god can judge me" hashtag sun hashtag life hashtag smile hashtag sun hashtag Jesus hashtag beaches hashtag swimsuit hashtag vacation hashtag tan hashtag fuck haters
Why the hell haven't you gotten back to me yet? I've sent you 13 direct messages I thought we were taking this to the next level? 
I liked all of your pictures and favorited your tweets I mean I think I'm doing everything right.
What more do you want from me?!
I just keep thinking about what we could have, if you give me a chance. 
My love for you each and every day can be your man crush Monday. 
Our relationship together will be the greatest transformation Tuesday any one has ever seen. 
You sure as hell will be my woman crush Wednesday for the rest of my life
When were old and wrinkled we can look back through our photos and share our most precious throwback Thursdays.
And when our time comes we can have our faces posted on our digital tombstones with the inscription of selfie Sunday hashtag I love you. 
All I'm asking is that you check me out, search through my profile of love, explore the caring and tenderness of my bio, and you will soon realize that our lives together could be the greatest search history in the world. 
There will be no unlikes, no deleted comments, no subtweets, our relationship will be as perfect and endless as the electrical server that I found you on. 
I will love you as much on the day that I die, as the day that I clicked the follow button. 


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