21 men swimming in the night,

21 men looking for a fight.

21 men taking in a sight,

21 men with a fire to ignite.


21 men swimming close to shore,

21 men all filthy and poor.

21 men who want something more,

21 men hear the demons roar.


21 men looking for a way,

21 men can’t get to the bay,

21 men that have gone astray,

21 men whose faces have all turned gray.


21 men stuck in a trance,

21 men hoping for a chance,

21 men who paid in advance,

21 men who couldn’t find romance.


Those 21 men fell to the sea,

All 21 men who couldn’t be free,

21 men who could not foresee,

The rage and fury of someone like me.



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