Tue, 04/14/2020 - 16:48 -- stairs

Senior year

With all its parties and moments held on lines

Your final step of childhood before you go in blind

Cherish what you’re given and embrace every moment

From every dance to your last assembly and the beautiful graduation

Everything has been leading up to this

A frail bird pushed out of the nest

But my last moments ripped off like a band-aid

Prom canceled along with yearbook day

And the word on graduation is nonexistent

This is not how I wanted to flee

Baby bird not yet done

And my scrapbook of memories and congradulatories put off until next year

When ill be in another school in another home with another bundle of faces I haven’t got the time to bond with yet

My tear-filled descent with friends is now a pity party alone in my room

The tears are grey and stale, with no one to share them with


I didn’t know the last time my foot walked the cafeteria 

The last time I entered my favorite teachers’ classes

The last time I had a full day with my best friends, who are now moving on to their own journeys

Would be uneventful, unknown. Average


And every time I wished school was canceled 

Every time I wanted to drop out

I knew it would be worth it for that last day with them

Yet that’s just another email in my inbox with refunds for graduation caps


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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