2016, What a year to be alive!

2016, What a year to be alive

Shoutout to Future, I don’t think those lyrics will ever die

Because you should thank God everyday to be alive

2016, What a year to be alive

It’s also the year some all time greats died

Ali, Bowie, Glenn, …

They used to change the world one day at a time

These events made me realize how precious life is

It’s not something to take for granted

The events of 2016 really changed my life

Police brutality made me realize

That I am truly lucky to be alive

Sandra Bland, Trayvon Martin, ... They were all precious in God's eyes

I became aware that life is truly rare

But, most people truly don’t realize it or they just don't care

“One nation under god” that’s a lie because this nation is corrupt

People really treat people differently because of a few little differences

Yeah, I know the life of the black man is really tough

And it’s not gonna get any better with a man named Donald J Trump

With the inauguration tomorrow this is the last day these lyrics will be true

“My President is Black, My Lambo’s Blue”

However Trump still deserves a fair pursuit

Who knows? Donald J Trump might change some people’s point of view

2016 might have been rough but at least it motivated me to want to change some stuff

Enough with all the sad 2016 was not all that bad

The Cavs came back on the Warriors and I could not have been more glad

Villanova beat North Carolina and for Jordan a few tears might had been shed

My family and I grew even closer in 2016

My cousin got her degree in a system that’s not built for minorities to succeed

An african american female designing roads and bridges, WOW!

This could not make her little cousin more proud

Not only does this make me proud but it makes me want to be something now

With all this pinned up motivation there’s nothing that can stop now

I’m just a young black minority trying to make his family proud

This poem might not have the best rhyme

But the words and the thought still deserve a prize

I hope these words will become forever engraved in your mind



This poem is about: 
My family
My country


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