At first friendship was tested with a mutual friend named Jax

As he was getting close to be welcomed, out of nowhere was an ax

First, nothing was said when we heard the news

Just the sound of tears that could afloat several canoes

Later in the day, friendship was tested

Will we stay and be true or leave just like being suggested

People can believe whatever about that day

But we can simply only pray

Jax was here for one reason in my eyes

And that was to help us girls together rise

Ever since January 5, 2016, us girls have been together stuck like glue

Especially everything that we have been through

Sometimes all it takes is a small drop of glue

To get us all back together into the original crew

Months came and passed

But nothing ever last

Senior year has now approached and it’s time for us to leave the tree

As we experienced a lot, it’s time to take our experiences with us and flee

Senior year is when you learn a lot about yourself and the people around you

Out with old and in with the new

Sometimes we lose friends due to their life decisions

But isn’t that life itself in its own vision?

We are supposed to grow

And that is how we find our own flow

First semester down and now the second

Going into the new year is just different don’t you reckon’?

January 5, right around the corner

Will be the day for all of us mourners

2016 was an awful year

But it gave us strength not to fear

This poem is about: 
My family


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