2010 Intrinsic Revolt: Why Joy?


What is joy?

Why does it matter?

What makes it worth it?

Or what makes it better?

What is its form?

Does it have a shape?

Are there any limits that come from this game?

Why do I call it a game?

Because it's not always there,

Dips of depression are always at the discretion of despair.

We have not control over real joy,

It can be taken away, messed with, or shut behind the door.

Why need joy, only to get lit up to be let down?

What kind of game is that,

Doesn't sound securely profound.

Who created it, in what frame of mind?

In which aspect of life?

With what pair of eyes?

How we see joy is a need for many things,

For some it's the simplicity of nothing and for others,

It's just another material game.

Why want with joy when you should only need?

Has joy reconfigured the nature of life, replacing it with greed?

Why are there so many questions only to face one "good" answer?

Who has the say here, when we're all caught red-handed?


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