2010 Intrinsic Revolt: Awaken


It comes to me like the island tropical breeze,

As it comes to my mind, careful,

Like art work in configurate time.

Tell me what all of this possibly means?

Why do my eyes see the truth in all these things?

As I walk around, my footsteps are music in which I hear sound.

As I look around, light with its changes are perfect in sight.

Color is color in shades of cool.

The sun decides to kiss my lips as love would also do.

To see the clear picture painted on the canvas,

I have to ask about its meaningfulness and message.

Portrayed of beauty and care,

For the colors are shown as if imagination itself had such beauty of its own.

As light reflects, I am surrounded by the spots of sun droplets.

Sweet and sheer as they shook,

To resemble the purity of nature that most of us overlook.


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