2000 IQ Bento Grab

Good morning, oh mister.

(Can you hear the throbs of mine beating heart?)

Nobody is looking in this grand scale.

(A truly sinful display of thy beloved, heavy mind)


What a wonderful day, oh mister?

(Does thy heart know a truth I know not?)

A despicable day has befallen a dreamer.

(How dramatic it would be for yours to rot)


Such a shame to be with one with a gorgeous smile,

As well as good grades to boot.

May light perish, only for just a while.

I can't stop thinking about my food thrown into the shoot.


Just the feeling, alone, drives the dreamer insane.

(Ere the degraded fish be beneath the sea)

Hey, mister, please allow me to sit just a little bit close.

(Curse the spite that lies within the inner me)


Oh mister, may I share a secret with a kind soul?

I have yet to feel the warm touch of love.

Though, this burden is mine to bear,

(A lovely magic where mine army is mine to take)


How I hate the comings of Two Fourteen.

What an exciting day, laid to waste by my choice.

Don't you just hate games with no winner, oh mister?

(Heaven breathes in for each scop's song)


May you reaffirm my faith, oh mister?

(Faith be lost if faith be given)

Please, raise the next bite of rice,

So that I can remember my vice.


I will sate my hate for the coming year.

(A happy hate and a happy grab)

Please, one more time, oh mister?

(Goodbye, mine love, as I go for another nab)


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