In 2 Years


United States
42° 36' 5.0328" N, 73° 46' 59.1096" W

Tears stream down
As she lies there dying
People run to her
But I can’t even say her name.
A dark hole starts forming
The next day
Her death is announced
The tears still running down my face
And the dark hole in my heart widens
The next week
Her funeral is held
Her parents and siblings crying for their beloved daughter
She was my precious friend
I am still crying
The dark hole in my heart widens even further
The next month,
I am still in loss of my friend
But a light appears
And saves me
From being consumed
By the growing dark hole
That stopped time within me.
I learned that
A loss is a loss.
It always leaves a scar
But never stop breathing
But never stop moving
But never stop believing
Because it’s not the end
It will never be the end
Happiness is the end
So don’t give up like me
Help a friend
Be saved by a friend
And keep on walking forward.
Because I was saved
So I will not give up anymore
Like I did 2 years ago.


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