2 play the victim

To play victim to the same cuel fate, fills a person with such strong hate.

Yes, i'm da fool once again, yet I never know how it begins.

You sit there and fill me with false pretentions.

To hurt me,,, was that your only mission.

The victim "Hey that's only me", I play it so many times, when I look in da mirror thats all I see.

A victim to your crime, then when you leave all thats left is your slime.  

I knew you were bad, but I thought I saw something different, (huh) sad.

Victim ova here!!! is that how you look at me, and what you see, I have nothing left for you, no longer fear.

Oh, to play dat victim is so sad and pathetic, but it's you who is going to regret it.(powerful laugh)

To play da victim is never my intention, but it shows up without a mention.

Once ago, someone filled me up with so much dread that I thought all my feelings had fled.

Till I played the victim with you, hey...

You showed me that theory wasn't true.

I'm the victim (chuckle), me, but who is going to regret it, he.

So, when it happens he wont know what hit him; 2 play victim. (revenge smile).


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