2 Layers of a Person


When you look at me, you see the young girl with the baby face who is always smiling being nice to everyone because she is always there to help.
When I look at me, I see the girl with a round face with a shattered soul and a lost mind who doesn’t know why her life is going the way it is.
When you look at me, you see the smart girl with passing grades who is always around the school hallways eating her lunch
When I look at me, I see the girl who struggles to pass her classes in order to graduate and struggles with internal thoughts of whether or not the food she eats will make her fat
When they look at me, they say “she’s beautiful, gorgeous, short, sweet, and cute”
When I look at me, I say “she’s ugly, fat, unwanted, and lonely”
When you and them describe me, you are already defining me
But everything you say and see, is not what I see
Why do I lie to you that way
Why do I pretend to be someone who i’m not.
Because of the same way a child hides their real identity in halloween under their costumes.
To feel the happiness and satisfaction of being someone greater than who they are.
In reality i'm weak and fragile?
That is the core of my description.
Strong and invincible is the atmosphere of it.


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