2 AM


We sometimes lose

The ability

To follow

Our intuition


Letting other people's


Influence our



We can't even

Trust ourselves

In a world

So cruel


Sometimes I think 

It'd be easier

To be a person

That followed the rules


But anything 

That comes easy

Soon turns sour.


It's 2 am

People like me

Come alive in this hour.


It's curse

or a super power.



We're still here.


When I was 12

I kissed a man

Then swallowed

A bottle of pills


I choked

I puked

I cried on the floor


What void did I need to fill?


When I was 15

A man stole my control

Then I cut "Love"

Into my wrist


While his words rang

Like bells

In my head

"Love does not exist."


I'll prove him wrong.

I'm still here.


When I was 16

I gave a boy my heart

Then cried myself

To sleep for months


Lying in a bed

Of tears and ruin

I learned

To never trust.


I learned I'm not so tough ..

But I'm still here.


When I was 17

A man took my innocence

Though it wasn't pure

It wasn't his to take


Now I sleep on the left side

Of my bed

The right side brings Tears,

Nightmares and heartaches


Lying in the wash worn sheets

Of my mistakes


Like my entire soul 

Is being eternally raped.


I don't know where he is.

I don't care.


I'm still here.


I wouldn't trade

The skin I'm in

Through hell

And back


I stand again.


It's not too late

I'm 17

I'll have a lot

More stories to tell


But I had to speak

for all the girls

Who've been here

As well


The girls 

Who've buried 

Their hearts


Or encased them

In shells.


Who've been brought

To their knees

So naive 

We believed


And then we blamed ourselves.


You can't take back

What is taken from you.


You can only

Wear the scars

Your heart

Strived through.


You did it.

It was all you.

It takes heart

To stay true.


And you're still here.

You're still in the ring

Guard up.

Head high.


It's you're turn 

To win.


You are King.


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