180,000 Cigarettes Later

I once knew a girl

Drowning in the ocean

Salty water stole her breath

Replacing it with a desperate longing

Strong real, dreams

A plan for the future

180,000 cigarettes later

And she’s still here


Clouds dancing to a slow serenade

Sung by the wind

The sun warms me with its yellow rays

And we sat out by the train tracks

Bonded by blood

We promised to see the world 


The soles of our shoes

Worn out by the endless fields

Running my fingers along the jagged scar

I realize fifteen was not

So young for spirit

She made it sound like magic


One day she left

Took her own way out

Came back blue with

Hollow bruises

She began to move

As though the wind

Could blow her away


The train tracks

Endless and beautiful are our home

Two wrinkled

Fractions of flesh coming towards the hill

She lights up looking at the sky

I look at her

180,000 cigarettes later

I still love her


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