The 17th Rotation

17 rotations around the sun.

so many places i've seen & things i've done.

The only one, however, is knowing your presence here on Earth.

18 rotations around the sun, and no one dared to forget your worth.

I know you are watching me from heaven, and probably already know me,

but here is an update on my life, a reintroduction to someone I wish you could meet.

17 rotations around the sun, people have come and go,

but some held on for me, friends that don't know

how close they are to my heart.

Like the girl who has gone through everything,

but still takes care of me in her darkest of times,

or the girl who knows what I think,

before I could even tell her.

The girl who remembers nothing,

but never forgets sunflowers are my favorite,

and the boy who stays up late to talk to me 

when I need a reminder of who I am.

The boy who makes fun of me in public,

but only wants the best for me.

The girl who I am lucky to see

despite her busy schedule.

The boy who once had my heart,

but chose to give it back instead of breaking it.

The girl who would start a million essays

on how much she loves me when I don't love myself.

These are only some people who fill the space of love I carry,

but there are so many more who pick me up when I feel weary.

You may not be here, but you are also on this list,

no matter how far you are, you will continue to spiritually exist.

I know we will meet eventually, but I will always give you an annual update,

every time I rotate around the sun, on this particular date.

Even though I never met you, I will hold on to these people closely,

because they encompass the type of love you used to give to everybody.

I love you.

I can't wait to meet you, eventually.


This poem is about: 
My family


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