1.75 Liters of Poisen

Here I am

              In darkness I lie

                                       with my poisen

                                                               upon a moutian high.

A bastion I have made

                                   fortified upon this moutian high.

Aginst the world

                         I have walked and fought

                                                                To create this haven

                                                                                              Of mine sky high.

As I look below

                       Ignorance I see flow.

Like a tide

                It consumes the people

                                                   Minds they have are feeble.

Charged I was

                      To save the people.

Who blindly feed

                          upon the world

                                                 and disreguard thoes in need.

Freed as many I could

                                 from oppression

                                                         but for naught it was

                                                                                         for I sit here in depression.

Upon my moutian high

                                   with my empty poisen

                                                                     so far in the sky.


When I come down

                            from my bastion high.

 I see thou

                    who are still in need

                                                  to be freed

                                                                 from oppression and injustice.

Justice yes

                it shall be from me.


                                     now who I am. 

When you wake and make

                                         for the bathroom

Then you will see

                           the reflection of the Hero

                                                            which is me.





This poem is about: 
Our world


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