17. I need a pizza

Sitting in class, and my tummy's rumbling
Trying to listen to my teacher, but it sounds like she's mumbling
All the students are quiet, but my tummy sounds like a boiling pot when it's bubbling
My tummy is making the sound of whale, it's embarrassing and quite humbling.
I'm really really hungry, and no, I'm not grumbling
I just need something to eat before I start stumbling.
Can you get me something to eat if it's not too troubling?
I don't need a burger, and I don't need no chicken
What I need is really easy to get, you don't even have to go in the kitchen.
You don't need to go in the oven, so put down the mitten
Just order it over the phone, it'll come in the quicken
Wait, hold the thought… my teacher asked a question, and now she's picking
She’s picking someone to answer the question “When was the Constitution written?”
Wow, big surprise, she chose me to answer the question, man my teacher's tripping. (lol)
When was the Constitution written? I answered, “I don't know, seventeen eighty-something”
She replied, “it was 1787. Tomoya, you need to pay attention and listen.”
I said ok, but right then, I felt the hunger kick in.
You know what, that's it, I'm out. But where you going?
I'm gonna go get me a pizza, I need a pizza.

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