Sun, 05/24/2015 - 19:42 -- nay_8

Fighting daily battle of feeling worthless, a mess

Cause he created me just to see me undressed

Cause he taught me that the true definition of a female was to make a man at ease

And a real female was to make sure he was always pleased

So, could you really condemn me for wanting to live up to being “real”

For him my purity would have been a satisfying deal  

Because I “owe” for creating myself

From that day on, my respect for all was wrecked

Standing in his presence didn’t feel the same

His pleasure came, while I sustained a everlasting pain

Words are too lifeless to capture how it feels to suffocate under these heavy chains

As I drown in this ocean of shame

With a vacant soul left as the remains

Everytime I look in the mirror I’m reminded of the name who drove me into the town of insane

Believe when I tell you that my life is just in vain

The satisfaction of his lust has murdered soul

Where living lonely will be my life’s goal

Hiding behind my counterfeit smile is my that will remain unseen

All because of a moment at 17



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