16 and preganant


As I sit with a new baby in my hands

I look around and ask myself where is he

I already know the answer

And he's never coming back

I left eveything for him

My family, highchool, and college

If only I had just stayed and listened

I would be something more

Instead I'm working at the diner around the corner

Alone with nobody to count on

What am I going to do now?

"Pull yourself together" I tell myself

I pick myself up and place the baby in the tub

As I slowly walk way

I told myself it's not too late

No one needs to know about him

Or about the bundle we never named

I will walk away and never come back home

All I have to do is walk away

Like nothing happened

Don't look back

Why  I have to listen to him

He was no good

Saying that he would never leave and I'm not alone

Just gotta take one more step

And start over

Learn to live on your own

Don't let nobody control you again.




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