My soul is tired,When will I get used to this feelingThe race has begun And once again I trail behind the others. So this is the truth,I belong in the back of the back of the line. How long will it take until I cross the finish line?“I am no longer tired”I think, trying to hide from the truth.But I have a feeling This thought settles in the minds of others,The fight to reach inner peace has just begun The pain has just begunMy legs are falling out of line,And my limbs are starting to shake along with the others,I am spiraling down, way too tiredto know that what I am feelingWill eventually reveal the truth Do not tell me the truth,Tell me my walk to victory has just begunLet’s play pretend and disregard how we are feelingFor the journey is long to the end lineAnd the adrenaline that shot up my spine is now tired.Somehow my legs are still moving like the others I am the same as the others,that might be a stretch of the truth,We are all tiredBut their own race has begunand I run in a different linedeep within me burns a different feeling  I want to know what she is feeling,As she runs in front of others and controls the lineMaybe one day I will unlock the truth,Another race I haven’t begunBut my soul is still tired I’ll never get rid of this tired feelingAnd I have begun to realize my place among others,but the truth lies not past the finish line, but in the starting line.

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