running with You:

working for our wishes,

feeling shiny and new,

building bridges.


walking by Your side:

holding hands,

feeling alive,

making plans.


underneath Your sheet:

only laughing,

feeling so complete

while relaxing.




running to Your door:

thoughts racing around

feeling done for

unable to rebound


walking around Your corner:

left there crying,

feeling all the torture

just for trying.


underneath my sheet:

digesting whatever,

feeling incomplete,

writing You letters.


remember the kiss.

begin to drape.”

where is

The Escape?

This poem is about: 



To all of my fellow readers:


This poem is 1 of 3. I wrote them at the same time, but was not ready to post all of them.  The next one is called "The Escape" and the last one is called "Let It All Go".


They make sense on their own, but they tell most of my story during high school when read in order.




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