You're sitting at a desk

You don't remind anyone

it's fine if they forget


But now i wish i had - 

had reminded someone,

and they had told me

a bit of how it's all done


All these preconceived notions,

mess up our thoughts,

tell us all the wrong things about

who we are and we're not


Media avoids the things that hurt most,

cause there's no big happy ending,

we just move on and cope



people are staring,

but you know they aren't caring

they aren't even looking.. you

just made that up

and yet you can't stop

tensions spiral high,

imagined hate judgement pride  

you wake up and you cry and it's brushed off because you're



and you're trying something new,

brushstrokes and splatters, probably too much blue

but it doesn't matter because you feel like.. you?

here's a label- some way to fit in,

painter, weirdo, art kid 


but hey you know you like singing too,

and science and writing

and building something new

ok so you really don't fit in a box but we'll sand off some edges-  like collecting rocks.

who needs to know you like fashion or hikes, just hide behind the big useful stereotypes

and we’ll shove you in there, 

wear cool clothes tame your hair 

Hide your flaws and you’ll see, this is who you want to be




Why do we care.

It’s not really about your clothes or your hair

Or because we don’t fit in

It’s because deep down within,

You don't know who you are,

Why not?

Because you're



Actually.. 14 now,

And we’re all still figuring it out

But most of us have realized that, it’s ok if we don't know

Who we are yet.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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