(poems go here)12.14.12 , He took away their chance to grow old and wrinkle ,He took away their chance to have kids just as great as they were ,He took away their chance to marry their one & Only .
It didn't hurt your heart to take away a child's LAST breath? One of the Sweetest , Most beautiful , innocent , things GOD has PLACED on earth , an it was so easy for you . You are a COWARD . Justice will never be served because of you . 27 people lost because of 1 . 27 LOST because of 1 . 27 because a man held a Gun, running round through a school , shooting kids like it was fun . 5 years old an you're already seeing friends die , 12.14.12 , a mother NERVER GOT a Chance to tell her son Goodbye . A Country shooken with terror & we don't even know WHY . WHY could a man be so heartless 12.14.12.

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