You know the girl who looks like the sun?

Who's skin is like silk and who's looks tend to stun?


Who's lips look like roses and taste like sweet sparkling wine?

Who's eyes are like oceans and who's smile seems to shine?


You know the girl who looks like the sun?

Whos warmth starts to fade, though her life's just begun? 

Who's heart starts to dip,

Who's faith starts to slip,

Who's losing her grip,

As the silk starts to rip. 

Why can't the girl, 

Who looks like the sun,

See what I see,

As her tears start to run?


Now her eyes turn to storms,

And her lips start to wilt,

The wine turns sour, 

Tainted with guilt. 

Please let the girl,

Who looked like the sun,

Know that she's loved,

That there's no need to run. 


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