12 Years Old

As I was twelve years old

There were issues between my parents everywhere we’d go

Growing apart after every word said

Until the end of the marriage when the relationship went dead

Moving out of the place I had once called home

I have never felt more scared and alone

Realizing life was changing with speed

The walls built around me had trouble paying attention to my growing needs

Going into highschool wasn’t like any film

But it obtained everything describing it as a horror movie that was appalling and grim

Responsibilities overflowed inside me like a tidal wave

Remembering them all felt like I was stuck in a maze

My childhood felt like it lasted eternity

Until I had to age quick where it stung like burns and bees

Taking each tiny step seeing a clear path through its way

I remind myself my family conflicts are what made me the strong woman I have become today


This poem is about: 
My family
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