12 Months of More


United States
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January started strange

Touching, kissing, brand new games

Led to silence too loud to hear

What a welcome to the New Year

Next, February found

Losing a friend but gaining all around

Grades, money, skating, friends

My life continued after I thought it would end

In March, a trip so fun and pure

Brought my spirit back for sure

Dancing in the Disney night

Watching the sky explode with light

April led me to volunteer

With a show and group that I hold dear

The middle school musical reminded me

Of how theater made me who I want to be

May gave me a chance to lead

To see my creative sprit freed

But down I dived when I felt

My effort and trust was squelched

In June was when the fight began

No time to feel, just battle demands

Left alone, no matter how I felt

My friends, my family, needed my help

July a rush, a blur, what a time

Too much emotion to put into rhyme

What I thought was the start and end of a love song

Was what it felt like to be used, led on

August arrived and I felt the need

To write, do math, visit, read

No more time to cry or grieve

Now I have to preform and succeed

September, and the race began

Skating, squad, play, band

Bouncing around like a ping pong ball

I knew, I know I can do it all

October, and I was losing steam

Apply, apply, what's this line mean?

Almost there, I'm sure I can make it

Friends don't care, but I don't think I can fake it

November now, almost 18

I'm worried my friends now think I'm just mean

Old scars opened, rubber band that snapped

Will they stay with me, after seeing me attack?

December soon, old projects coming to an end

Will I find myself with any friends?

Party, Project, have to wait and see

Waiting is near impossible in a year of me.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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