Mon, 11/11/2013 - 01:19 -- egeason

My baby

He was perfect

He was innocent

He knew now wrong

He was mine

I didnt want him

I was toooo caught up in my life

I was too worried about me

Sometimes I feel wrong and others I feel so right

His daddy made me feel like shit

He didnt care

He didnt really know me

He wasnt worried about us

And I was too busy worrying about him

I couldnt imagine looking at him or his child for the rest of my life

I just knew it would get worse, maybe I should have tried

Maybe I could've done it

I was only a freshman in college

Old enough to have a child

but not old enough to raise it

The 24th of November was my due date

Evertime around this season I get real down

I made a choice that I to deal with everyday

I remember sitting in the waiting room all day, it was women from every part of the city

We were all here for the same purpose

They did a sonogram just to ensure I was pregnant

I saw him (it), he made me smile and cry

I throw up all the multicolored pills

I entered the room & all I remember is screaming

----screaming my heart out, reaching my hands out,

while I listen to the loud vaccum take away my baby

Eveytime I see a child I think about how I took the "easy way out"

but the "easy way out" wasnt so easy






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