1+1=2 But You Think It's 3

Sat, 02/27/2016 - 10:53 -- Eva16

Yes, I have a mother without a job.

No, quit saying theres nothing she can do.

I understand what you're getting at,

But you dont have the right point of view.


She does the best she can

With the little help she gets.

We've never starved, always warm,

So quit being put into fits.


Its obvious she wants a job,

If not, she wouldn't be trying.

People just won't hire her,

I should be the one whining


Because if she doesn't, our house is lost,

Along with our property too,

If I don't want that, I can't go to college,

And work instead of making my dreams come true.


Even once we're out of the woods,

All of my scholarships will be lost.

No more college of my choice,

Either that or I'll have to pay the cost.


So, shut up. You don't understand

The hopelessness of being poor.

You're not a single parent, you make plenty,

On your way out, don't get hit by the door.

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My family
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