111: Air

Late at night is when you forget how to breathe

Your body freezes and you start taking in short little gasps of air

And it's like you are drowning except there's no water around you

But you are surrounded by this darkness that is no friend at all

You cough at this water thats filling up in your mouth

Yet there is no water going down your throat

But you touch your chest anyway like its filled

You have this feeling that your head keeps going under in these waves

Your eyes start to close as if you want to sleep

Each little gasp fills your lungs more until you completely submerge

And in that moment you are floating in darkness

With only the constant burning in your lungs begging for air

You are completely under

Suddenly your mouth takes in that short breath

Eyes open to see that you are not drowning at all

You are not in darkness and there is no waves crashing on you

Nothing is putting you under the surface

You are just laying there in bed

Wrappded in your sheet and there is no water

Yet why do I keep struggling to get air?




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