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Love is unexplainable.

Love isn’t just a single definition.

Love is a massive jumble of feelings and words and scenarios.

Love is when you sneak out of your house just to deliver food to him.

Love is sharing food with each other even if it’s leftovers from their braces.

Love is when you get soft and turn extra mushy.

Love is when you let him think he wins bets you’ve made with each other just so he can feel better about himself.

Love is when you wait for him to get inside his truck before you close your door.

But love is also when he is brave enough to still be in the same room as you when you are mad.

Love is when he knows what drinks you like to order in restaurants.

Love is when he knows that you hate making decisions so he surprises you with plans.

Love is when he knows exactly what you’re feeling or thinking just by the look of your face.

Love is long tight hugs and never ending I love you’s on the way out the door.

Love is when you share the same thoughts.

Love is when just a single kiss from him is enough to send a surge of electricity all over your body.

Love is when he makes you feel like you’re on drugs when you’re completely sober.


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