At 1:00am

every single day comes with new challenges


as teens we have to constantly worry about our future

while manage a demanding present

we are finding ourselves

and change is surrounding

every where and everyday

things change

and we just have to adjust

people frustrates us, and then dont listen to us

there are 7586483 things on my mind and my brain cant pick out whats important enough

what is worth stressing over

and even once i peg something unimportant my mind just wont stop

and the stress builds in swirls and tangles and i have knots

knots on knots knotting together in my head

and i know what i want with my life

and i want love

but also want peace

and i also need approval and acceptance

i need support

i need a future

i need to set up my future

but i want now, i want to feel all the validation in my emotions that im not getting

my head swirling and swirling

every moment spent for myself i think i need to be doing this or that

you have to chose and live up to this expectation of yourself

such confusion

i go go go and break and would rather miss life for a day

how do i turn off this head of mine

every word i type i feel it lifting from my brain 

escaping thoughts

yes i need to sleep or work or study

what do i do

how do i do

i want but i need

i know i am not alone we are not alone

but everybody feels so so so alone

lost and drifting 

you try to establish yourself 

everyday is a reaction to life and your past

moving past what you’ve gone through

and even though we’re all on the same boat we all choose to through each other overboard

we judge and ridicule all the while we want to just feel secure


turn off my thoughts 

give me peace

i am praised for my success

but my stress is eating at me 

but i dont know how to live any other way

i need to to it all and succeed help me 


i am a jumble of what has to be done

my mind pops in and out

rushes of feelings

i just need to sleep and relax

manage everything

but not managing stress

emotions and feelings and to do lists

everything at once

then gone

then back


God grant me serenity
i am a list and notes and scribbles
post it notes stuck here and there in my thoughts
i want to sort through everything
alphabatize my life
im just a girl trying to figure out life
acting as an adult
preparing in only the second week for a breakdown
i say 
i can can can do it
but its just i take on the world
throw it off me
me alone in my head is the most dangerous 
distract me please
we are all lost help
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