The 100% of ME.


Im not a genius

Im just creative

No better than the other guy

Who has been created

I climbed my way up through the business world

Who would ever know success would come

from this broke, poor, bay area girl

One could say Im street smart

But I say I don’t look into a book for an answer

I look into my heart

Some call it a women’s intuition

But I call it I take initiative

Some say it’s a lucky guess

But I say no, it’s because Im truly blessed

No one can tell me that I have no reason being

I made my way up from pushing cart dreams

Into a Corporate Type of thing

And even this job doesn’t satisfy me

I’m going back to school so that I can work for only me

Who gave me the right to think like this?

To be unfearful of the wilderness

To take a job and spit on it

Making figures you go to school to finally recieve

I say God told me to think like this

He's been making all the right moves for me since the beginning

So Im making the move from Cali to DC

Im gonna see what else he has prepared for me

I have the right to be all the makings of me

Im not settling for the 20 I want the whole 100% of me.



Girl you definitely are  "my motto STRONG AND POWERFUL " right on to you girl go head be independent and do what ever you heart drives you to do . Reach for your dreams and you CAN never have to many or to big or small  dreams go head and reach high . Its so amazing to see a young lady wanna do stuff on her own be who she want to be not somebody she has to be . This poem shows me that I can be who ever i want to be and show the world that women can be just as good and strong and powerful as men. You don't have to be  the best at everything but being yourself 100% you . this poem impacted my life giving me the drive i need to be the strong and powerful women i want to be. I believe in you and all your accomplishment .I can't wait to see you become the best DEJA. Thank you for this inspiration!!!!! 

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