100 Days


A girl holding a picture frame covered in beads.
100 beads for 100 days.
A time to celebrate.
Children laughing
Running around
            Something has changed,
The smile is gone.
Eyes that have lost the light of innocence.

A little more than a year
Has passed since you were here.
Innocence taken
Because if you aren’t here anymore
Why should I be like the other kids?

“Mom I made you a present.”
Where has that present gone now that the years have passed?
Falling apart
          Like our family.

                         How could this have happened?
               What did we do to deserve this?
       Aren’t those the questions asked?
Too young to understand.

You were too young
         To impact this world.
Yet mine has crashed
         Like a china cabinet to the ground
                 Shattering the years that followed our loss.


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