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What are the chances on being happy?
Those who live were held by a mother only long enough to become acquainted with a warm embrace.
Others who live will have no warm embrace at all, for their mothers have withered away long ago.
Those who were lucky only know this warm embrace for a brief moment, for they will be tore away the moment this feeling becomes processed as love.
Some never see their mothers again, while others have the privilege to return to seclusion.
Some will be placed in a home with a roof.
Others will be placed in a home that resembles a box.
Some will be fed from the teat of a mother twenty four-seven, becoming spoiled.
Others will be fed only cigarettes and regret.
As they begin to grow, they begin to try new things; they begin to shape their own lives
Some will gain friends and be regarded with high potential, but constantly pressured in excelling.
Others will be lucky to have their lunch money by nine.
Some will join sports and propel through the school with help, but lack the basic skills to be alone in the future.
Others will be happy that someone said "sorry" to them when pushed in the hallway.
Some will only focus on one talent, spending every waking moment trying to be the best.
Others will struggle to find one.
Some will become legends of their talents, but have become swollen in the head, wanting no part in the lower class.
Others will be injured long ago, shattered dreams along with a pile of car parts and alcohol.
Some will be exploited for their talents, wanting to live in the past again and regretting the present.
Others will die wishing for a future, and regretting the past.
But there will always be that one percent of people who never seem sad, who at birth were not the loudest criers or the quietest
They were not alone, nor were they the most peer--pressured.
They focused on nothing, and felt open to possibility.
They fought with family now and then, but always ate dinner together by one.
They capture the job they always wanted, but always had a second possible job.
They will die with no regrets, neither wishing to repeat the past or beg for more life.
Only a select few, the one percent, a few and far stretched group a people may have this life.
1 person has this choice, to be humble with no temptation.
Only you have this choice.
Some will ignore it this fact, being too good for help.
Others will think that they can never become great.
Yet only you, the 1 person that matters in your life, will decide if you can be happy.


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