‪#‎LucilleandLogan2014‬ : Bonnie & Clyde 4.0


I wish that everything could be different
That instead of repeating my feelings, I would never have to say them again
you would just know.

I've told you numerous times that you are the rock to my world
So why reject it?
I don't give a damn about the controversy, because I'm your rider
There until the end.

Can you be my Clyde and I be your Bonnie
Matter of fact, can you be my Logan and I be your Lucille
Hashtag, team Dynomite.

The stares to your face don't mean anything other than I love you
It's hard to express what I need to, so I do it with my face
My actions are attention worthy
My words are the Wild that you can tame.

Your infamy around the ways aren't of any concern to me
As long as you're my King, everything will be okay.

You seem to not get that I'm here 24/7.
I seem to not get that I'm of some importance to you.
I don't know what to say other than we can't be like this
Two paranoid, insecure people raising emotions in the air
Like the American Flag on Fourth of July
(Something you never saw with me.)

If you become my Logan, I promise to become the best Lucille there is.
I won't talk to Lucas, James, nor Idris like I have been
Just be mine and nothing can ruin our sublime
Especially if we catch it in the knick of time

Trust me.



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