“It’s our right”

"They're here for us to eat" They say

"It's my personal choice" They say 

But aren't personal choices supposed to affect you personally?

 Are they meant to cause others to suffer?

Is your "personal choice"? killing you?

Are you the one being sent to die in a gas chamber?

Are you the one being shot in the head so a human can drink your mother's milk?

Are you the one having your throat slit so a human can feast upon your flesh?

Are you the one in a crowded pen, alongside other terrified animals, each covered in their own waste and dropping dead from illness, while the others wait to be abused and murdered?

Are you the one being stripped of your luscious coat, having your baby stolen from you and killed, being force bred, and being body slammed against the ground when you try to scream or run?

And all for what? So a human can enjoy a burger for a few minutes? Or because your fur is warm? Or because your milk tastes good with a plate of cookies?

Savagery, it is.

So don't tell me that it's your fucking "personal choice." Don't tell me that your God put animals in the world for you to torture and exploit. Don't tell me how you support "humane slaughter." 

Don't hide behind what you've been taught.

Animal abuse is animal abuse. Whether it tastes good or not.



this is some powerful shit! i stan. 


this is some powerful shit! i stan. 

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