“I have a dream”

I dream of a better place, where everyone slows down and realizes that this life is not a race, that money is evil and should not be chased, but wait, we identify as human beings and not a particular race, where your actually innocent until they prove their case, where facts dispose of the fiction, where jealousy and envy don’t breed friction, where the poor are not chasing the middles class, where the middle class are not kissing ass trying to be a millionaire, where millionaires are not chasing billionaires, a place where millions are dying of hunger and no one really cares, where wars don’t exist, where stories can’t be flipped, maybe we won’t have twenty five veterans a day slitting their wrist, where innocent men can plead the fifth, where no one cares about the value of the watch that’s on your wrist, where politicians actually care, where we don’t cut down trees and breath fresh air, but this is just a dream and then I wake up scared......

This poem is about: 
Our world


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